YDS Conference Program

The conference begins at 6pm on Thursday, August 8th and ends at 3:00pm on Sunday, August 11th; please make travel arrangements accordingly. The schedule, titles, and speakers are subject to change.

The conference will focus on a variety of issues, including workers' rights, democratic socialism, economics, feminism, access to higher education, how to start a chapter, the criminalization of poverty, and much more!

Thursday August 8th

At Haydee's Restaurant (3102 Mount Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC)

6:00pm-10:00pm   YDS Get-Together Dinner*

Friday August 9th

At UDC (5th floor, 4340 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC)

9:00am-10:00am   Welcome reception w/ registration & breakfast

10:00am-11:20am   Plenary: Looking back and looking forward

- The history of the left with Maurice Isserman, Professor of History at Hamilton College

- The left and the social movements with Maria Svart, DSA National Director

- American left and labor today with Jack Clark, Director of Workforce Development at the Transportation Learning Center, and first National Director of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee

11:30am-12:20pm   Workshop block 1

- Not ghost socialists: public events and visibility

- The most important skill in organizing: one to ones

12:30pm-1:25pm   Self-identified women’s caucus + allies group and report-back

1:30pm-2:30pm   Lunch*

2:30pm-3:20pm   Workshop block 2

- Defining capitalism: advanced socialist theory

- Exploitation of women's domestic labor

- Pop culture and Marxism

3:30pm-4:25pm   Self-identified LGBTQ caucus + allies group and report-back

4:30pm-5:20pm   Workshop block 3

- Egalitarian yet efficient: facilitating effective meetings

- Talking socialism: crafting your own rap

- Cultivating the grassroots: recruitment and leadership development

5:30pm-6:45pm   Break + travel to church

At Church (1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC)

7:00pm-10:00pm   Dinner + Socialist strategy for the long haul, with Bill Fletcher, Jr.

10:00pm-???   Sleep 

Saturday August 10th


9:00am-10:00am   Morning reception w/ registration & breakfast

10:00am-11:20am   Plenary: Against capitalism and domination

- Socialist theory with Joe Schwartz, Professor of Political Science at Temple University and DSA Vice-Chair

- Socialist feminism in theory and practice with Peg Strobel, Professor emerita of Gender and Women's Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago and DSA National Political Committee member

11:30am-12:25am   Workshop Block 3

- Active listening and social justice

- GET UP training: neoliberal capitalism and its alternatives

12:30pm-1:15pm   Self-identified People of Color Caucus + Allies Group and report-back

1:30pm-2:30pm   Lunch*

2:30pm-3:30pm   Plenary: Socialist Campaign Strategy w/ Matt Porter, YDS Co-Chair

3:40pm-4:50pm   Vote on Activist Agenda Items

5:00pm-7:15pm   Workshopping chapters with YDS leaders

7:15pm-7:30pm   Travel to Party Location

At Party Location

7:30pm-???   Dinner + Party

At Church

10:00pm-???   Sleep 

Sunday August 11th


9:00am-10:00am   Morning Reception w/ Registration & Breakfast

10:00am-11:20am   A Conversation with Barbara Ehrenreich on the Criminalization of Poverty

11:30am-12:15pm   Self-identified Working Class Caucus + Allies Group and report-back

12:30pm-1:45pm   Vote on constitutional changes and new Coordinating Committee

1:45pm-2:45pm   Lunch* + new CC meeting

2:45pm-3:00pm   Final Announcements & Farewells


*Lunches and Thursday evening dinner is pay-on-your-own/not provided in registration cost this year to keep up-front registration costs low. Thursday dinner will be at a set location; for lunch there are many cheap options within walking distance of the conference location