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Join us for our annual summer retreat Thursday, August 8th through Sunday, August 11th for a weekend filled with socializing with other young socialists, participate in theory and skills-based workshops, and determine and vote on our national campaigns!

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The 99%'s got problems: Rising student debt, low wages, climate change, racial profiling, rape culture, and corporate welfare, just to name a few. These problems stem from vast inequality created by capitalism; what's worse--these problems are perpetuated and reinforced every day through classism, patriarchy, racism, and heteronormativity.

In order to build a strong youth movement, we must address the structural problems of capitalism head-on as politically conscious activists. That's why we gather at the YDS Summer Conference--to build a collective, democratic, and inclusive vision of a better future, and empower you to transform your school and community to meet the needs of everyone, not just the privileged few.

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We’re featuring brand new programming for the Summer Conference for new and veteran YDS’ers, along with some Summer Conference classics:

  • Bring Your Own Workshop: That’s right, you can now suggest a workshop for the YDS Summer Conference. Share your knowledge and expertise of Socialist Feminism, History of the Labor Movement, Ecosocialism, Democratic Socialism, Social Media Strategies, and more.
  • Workshopping Chapters: Get individual attention for your chapter to assess its development with advice from seasoned organizers on leadership, recruitment, and campaign planning specific to your chapter and community!
  • Anti-Oppression Caucuses & Ally Groups: Share your experiences and strategies for combating oppression; each caucus has a respective ally group; caucuses include Self-identified Women’s Caucus, People of Color Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, & Working Class Caucus.
  • Vote for the next Coordinating Committee & Activist Agenda Item: Participate in our democratic election of new leadership for the Coordinating Committee and determine our next national campaign!
  • Free Housing & Travel Scholarship Opportunities:  We will provide free housing in DC, and if you're traveling we will have an option on the registration page to apply for a travel scholarship to subsidize your travel costs.

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