You can bring history to a new generation.

“I am for Socialism because I am for humanity.” Eugene V. Debs, 1897

Thousands of people have joined the democratic socialist movement in the past few months. Millions voted for a democratic socialist candidate in the 2016 primaries. But few of them know the history of U.S. socialism.

More than a century ago, there was the Socialist Party and Eugene V. Debs, its five-time candidate for president.  Bernie Sanders has described Debs as “probably the most effective and popular leader that the American working class has ever had.”

Now you can help bring Debs’s story, and the story of democratic socialism, to new and potential socialists, especially among the comics-reading public, predominantly those under the age of thirty. 

Paul Buhle, retired Brown University historian, author, and editor of a series of graphic non-fiction works including Red Rosa (the Rosa Luxemburg story), has teamed up with a rising young star of the alternative comic world, Noah Van Sciver, to present the great story of Debs, as well as of Norman Thomas and Michael Harrington, to a new audience young and old.

Will you make this project happen?

The DSA Fund will match every cent you give up to $3,000. If you give $500 or more, you will be listed as one of the book’s sponsors. The DSA Fund is a 501(c)(3) fund devoted to education and outreach about Democratic Socialism. All donations to it are tax deductible.

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